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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Division of labor in parenting amongst Chinese parents in Hong KongLam, Ching Man 
22010寮步鎮青少年的服務需要Lam, Ching Man 
32014From micro-situational making of agency to multi-level reflection on social relation and structure: The case of Qing Hong Program after ‘5.12’ earthquake of Sichuan, ChinaTsui, Ming Sum 
42020Validation of the Chinese version of the Pregnancy-related Anxiety Questionnaire-Revised (PRAQ-R) and its distinction from general anxiety and depression in pregnant womenChan, Ayu Chui Yi 
52020From online strangers to offline friends: A qualitative study of video game players in Hong KongFung, Ka Yi 
62020Unmet need for belonging and loneliness in determining life satisfaction of mainland Chinese new immigrants in Hong KongAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
72020Exploring the gender difference in relationships between narcissism, competitiveness, and mental health problems among college studentsChan, Ayu Chui Yi 
82008What makes a good program? A case study of a school admitting high academic achieversLam, Ching Man 
92020The role of attention level in the attentional boost effectAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
102006Frequency, satisfaction and quality dimensions of perceived parent-adolescent communication among Chinese adolescents in Hong KongLam, Ching Man 
112019Ethical decision-making in community care services for the elderlyKan, Wing Shan 
122020Development and validation of the scale on staff valence under ICF-based practice (SSV-ICF)Wong, Yu Cheung 
132019Dignity living for Hong Kong elderly: Living at a "cave"Chow, Amanda Ching Yee 
142020Resilience for dropout students with depression in secondary schools in Hong Kong: Parental attachment, hope and community integrationTsui, Ming Sum 
152013從抗逆力到抵抗:重建西方社會工作實務中的優勢視角Tsui, Ming Sum 
162020Parenting in contemporary Hong Kong: Observations and reflectionsLaw, Moon Yee Man 
171997Environmental education: Strategies and roles of children and youth services unitsWong, Yu Cheung 
182020Parenting and family life in a Chinese society
192020“Di Zi Gui” (Standards for being a good student and child): Implications for children and youth development and parentingLaw, Moon Yee Man 
202020Advances in Chinese children, adolescent and family research
212016Perceived effectiveness and satisfaction of a community-based positive youth development program: Findings based on high school studentsLaw, Moon Yee Man 
222020The moral economy of Asian migrant women in small business in Hong KongKwok, Kim 
232016Neo-liberalism and the professional identity of social workers: A Hong Kong case studyPak, Michael Chui Man ; Tsui, Ming Sum 
242020形相雖變,信念不變Lai, Kin Kwok 
252019Development of undergraduate university students: A 4-year longitudinal case study in Hong KongLaw, Moon Yee Man 
262019I am not getting your money: Boundary making and identities in immigrant economies in Hong KongKwok, Kim 
272015新的人口數據﹕香港全民退休保障計劃是否仍可行?Wong, Yu Cheung 
282021In search of a cyber supervision process: From the perspective of social work supervisees in Mainland ChinaMo, Kitty Yuen Han 
292021Vouchers and consumer-directed care: Implications for community care services in Hong KongKan, Wing Shan 
302019Changing perception of the rights and responsibilities in family care for older people in urban ChinaCheung, Ada Pui Ling 
312003反擊性暴力由性別平等教育開始Fok, Doris Yuen Hung 
322020Gender and network effects on occupation: A case study of ChinaFung, Ka Yi 
332017Collaborative focus group analysis: Co-constructing reality through researcher-participant dialoguesSiu, Joey Chung Yue 
342019The base of social work: Relationship, client, evidence or values? (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
352018超越高牆 豈止個人努力Fok, Doris Yuen Hung 
362018確立全國統一養老保險制度Wong, Yu Cheung 
372019Role-play and skills development in family therapy trainingMo, Kitty Yuen Han ; Chiu, Marcella Man Sze 
382010Report of the study of social network in old urban areasWong, Yu Cheung 
392019Social impacts of work integration social enterprise in Hong Kong – Workfare and beyondLeung, Zeno Chuen Suen 
402021A bridge over the troubled water: The roles and functions of social workers in the divided world (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
41Mar-2016全民養老金的推算與假設Wong, Yu Cheung 
422014The future development of Hong Kong Retirement ProtectionWong, Yu Cheung 
432019Reflections of parents and parent work practitioners on the changing experiences and circumstances of parenting in Hong KongLam, Ching Man 
442019Unmasking the unjust practice and social exclusion: A critical reflection on drug addiction researchChung, Yida Yee Ha 
452008The nature of practice wisdom in social work revisitedTsui, Ming Sum 
461994An experience beyond research: Reflections from the involvement in a study on the effectiveness of social network intervention in enhancing family functioningTsui, Ming Sum 
472020從爭取劏房舒緩政策看本地的政策倡議理論與實踐Lai, Kin Kwok 
482007A participative learning and teaching model: The partnership of students and teachers in practice teachingTsui, Ming Sum 
492014Tracking study of Urban Redevelopment on Pak Tai Street / San Shan Road Development ProjectWong, Yu Cheung 
502010Research study on Internet education: Final reportWong, Yu Cheung 
Results 1-50 of 1369 (Search time: 0.033 seconds).