Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu

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Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Enhancing disaster preparedness among pre-clinical year medical students with a 1-day concentrated curriculum with a blended-learning approach: A mixed-method feasibility studyYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu 
22021Exploring the gender-related perceptions of male nursing students in clinical placement in the Asian context: A qualitative studyYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Yip, Ka Huen ; Tsui, Zoe Wai King 
32021Healthcare resource allocation in the COVID-19 pandemic: Ethical considerations from the perspective of distributive justice within public healthYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu 
42021Hong Kong's growing need for palliative care services and the role of the nursing professionYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Tsui, Zoe Wai King ; Yip, Ka Huen 
52019Overcrowding in emergency departments: Revealing the social perspectives through a medical sociological analysisYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu 
62020Perceptions of special school nurses in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemicYip, Ka Huen ; Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Tsui, Zoe Wai King 
72019Self-stigmatisation among Chinese individuals with HIV in Hong Kong: Understanding the sociological basis of spiritually and culturally sensitive careYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu 
82021Theory-based advanced nursing practice: A practice update on the application of Orem's self-care deficit nursing theoryYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu 
92021The transformational experience of junior nurses resulting from providing care to COVID-19 patients: From facing hurdles to achieving psychological growthYip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Yip, Ka Huen ; Tsui, Zoe Wai King 
102021Use of thin silicone dressings for prolonged use of filtering facepiece respirators: Lessons from the universal community testing programme during the COVID-19Yip, Ka Huen ; Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu 
112020Young adults’ perceptions of breastfeeding in public: A focus group studyYip, Ka Huen ; Yip, Jeffrey Yuk Chiu ; Lee, Catherine Man Yin ; Siu, Minnie Mei Yi