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12018The acceptance of using open-source learning platform (Moodle) for learning in Hong Kong’s higher educationLuk, Eric Ching Hong ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
22017The acceptance of using social mobile application for learning in Hong Kong’s higher educationNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Luk, Eric Ching Hong ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
32016The acceptance of WeChat questionnaire function for data collection: A study in postgraduate students in MacauLai, Ivan Ka Wai ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung 
42018The acceptance of “Flash Class” - Mobile mini-lessons through WeChatLai, Ivan Ka Wai ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung 
52008The accountability demand for information in China and the US – A research noteYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
62001Accounting and management controls in the classical Chinese novel: A Dream of the Red MansionsChan, Koon Hung 
72006The adequacy of information for managerial decision-making in China's business enterprises: An exploratory studyYuen, Susana Lai Mei 
82011Aggregate quasi rents and auditor independence: Evidence from audit firm mergers in ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
92019Alternative agency relationships for offshore audits and audit quality: Evidence from U.S.‐ listed foreign companiesChan, Koon Hung 
102015Analysis of student behaviors in using WeChat / WhatsApp for language learning at diploma level in Hong Kong: A pilot testChu, David Wai Kee ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung ; Lai, Ivan Ka Wai ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
112018The application of permanent portfolio in financial management and retirement schemeWong, Tommy Man Hung 
122019The application of the further enhanced permanent portfolio in the long term investment and retirement schemeWong, Tommy Man Hung 
132021Audit firm operating leverage and pricing strategy: Evidence from lowballing in audit industryYi, Cheong Heon 
142013Audit quality and tax aggressiveness: Evidence from a transition economyChan, Koon Hung 
151998Audit scheduling and the control of travel costs using an optimization model for multinational and multilocational auditsChan, Koon Hung 
162000Auditing standards in China — A comparative analysis with relevant international standards and guidelinesChan, Koon Hung 
172016Auditors' constraining effect on tax noncompliance at different book-tax conformity levels in a transition economyChan, Koon Hung 
182015Auditors’ constraining effect on tax noncompliance and its implications for financial statement misstatements in transition to adopt IFRSChan, Koon Hung 
192023Banking and finance dispute resolution in Hong Kong: The suitability of arbitration in private disputesLaw, Samuel Sau Wai 
202015Barriers to software adoption: A study of building information modelling (BIM) technology in the Hong Kong construction industryWong, Anthony Tik Tsuen