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1996Action research as professional development for ELT practitionersChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2016Chinese language teachers’ composition marking strategies: A pilot study in Hong KongChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2016Correcting every conceivable mistake in the making process: Is that the right way to go about making composition? Two cases in Hong KongChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
1982Die ontologische Basis der Sprachtheorie in Wittgensteins TRAKTAT (Thesis)Chan, Thomas Yin Hong 
1996Enhancing teaching and learning in technical communication by adopting a content- and task-based approachChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2017Error correction in Chinese writing classrooms: Whose responsibility is it?Chan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2012Exploring the future state of the Korean Peninsula by comparing a possible unification against the background of German re-unificationChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2000A Hong Kong case of university peers working together to apply IT in teaching and learningChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2011The impact of Western thought on international relations in the 19th and 20th centuriesChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2015Journey to the West: In search of love, intellect and artChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
1996Matching English and communication courses for engineering students to specific needs in a changing worldChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
1999Promoting teaching skills and technology across higher education institutions in Hong Kong: Lingnan experienceChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
1990The role of AV and C.A.L.L. in German language teaching and learning at Hong Kong PolytechnicChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2007Sharing resources among all Caritas adult and higher education units by using a web platform mounted by Caritas Francis Hsu CollegeChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2010The spirit of Western thought through Chinese eyesChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2019Two for the road on exchange to GermanyChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2016Understanding Asia by means of cognitive sociolinguistics and cultural linguistics – the example of GHOSTS in Hong Kong EnglishChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2020Watershed: Nostalgia and wishful thinkingChan, Thomas Yin Hong 
2016Who needs critical thinking anyway?Chan, Thomas Yin Hong