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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Learning through blogging: Understanding teacher and student perceptions towards English writing blogsYing, Koon Kau ; Cheung, Michael ; Leung, Kat Sze Ming ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Lee, Roger King Hang ; Wong, Kenneth 
2016Leveraging education of information technology in business: The application of a project-based, problem-based, and flexible learning modelNg, Steven Kwan Keung ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping 
2009Multi-document summarization for e-learningWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping 
2015A pilot study on students' learning experience on the e-learning using social networkingWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Luk, Louise Nga Ying 
2010A practical approach to the teaching of internet programming and multimedia technologiesTsang, Philip Chung Fai ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping 
2013Practicality issues of a Computer Assisted Counselling and learning support systemPoon, Vinton ; Tsoi, Madeleine Yee Man ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping 
2017Proceedings: International Symposium on Educational Technology (ISET 2017)
2018Promoting self-regulated learning by online educational resourcesWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Kong, Anthony Pui Keung ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Xie, Haoran ; Wong, Tak Lam 
2011Reconciling "human touch" with "high tech"?Tsoi, Madeleine Yee Man ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Leung, Kat Sze Ming ; Tse, Sandy 
2017Sentiment classification of short text using sentimental contextXie, Haoran ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping 
2013Students' experience and perception on e-learning using social networkingWong, Kenneth ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Wang, Philips Fu Lee ; Luk, Louise Nga Ying