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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The Mandatory Provident Fund in Hong Kong: A preliminary study of people's attitudeLam, Chiu Wan 
2002Measuring drug abuse: The development of the Chinese drug involvement scale in Hong KongLam, Chiu Wan ; Boey, Kam Weng 
2012Perspective and subjective outcome of the program from the participantsLam, Chiu Wan 
2012The perspective of the program implementersLam, Chiu Wan 
2012Perspective of the social workers in outcome evaluation of a drug prevention program in Hong KongLam, Chiu Wan 
2012The Project Astro and drug prevention for high-risk youths in Hong KongLam, Chiu Wan 
2005The psychological well-being of the Chinese elderly living in old urban areas of Hong Kong: A social perspectiveLam, Chiu Wan ; Boey, Kam Weng 
2012The qualitative evaluation of the program participantsLam, Chiu Wan 
2010Re-empowering social workers through the online community: The experience of SWForum in Hong KongLam, Chiu Wan ; Leung, Zeno Chuen Suen 
2005Social justice and the social servicesLam, Chiu Wan 
2004A study of substance abuse in underground rave culture and other related settingsLam, Chiu Wan ; Boey, Kam Weng 
2002The three worlds of welfare philosophy: The Hong Kong experienceLam, Chiu Wan 
1997Where East meets West: A comparison of social work values between Britain and Hong Kong (Thesis)Lam, Chiu Wan 
2002勞工的困境與社會福利的限制:香港實況分析Lam, Chiu Wan 
2017婚姻和家庭制度的遠景Lam, Chiu Wan 
2016家庭的喜樂 : 天主教對婚姻和家庭制度的遠景Lam, Chiu Wan 
2004小學生自我提昇訓練:實務手冊Lam, Chiu Wan 
2006從社會因素的角度分析香港舊區長者的精神健康狀況Lam, Chiu Wan 
2009自由主義理論Lam, Chiu Wan 
2003飛躍成長路訓練計劃推行手冊Lam, Chiu Wan