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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The impact of firm characteristics on book-tax-conforming and book-tax-difference audit adjustmentsChan, Koon Hung 
2010The impact of government ownership and institutions on the reporting behavior of local auditors in ChinaChan, Koon Hung 
2014Impact of tax reduction policies for consumer purchase of new automobiles: An analytical investigation with real data-based experimentsChan, Koon Hung 
2010The influence of banks on auditor choice and auditor reporting in JapanChan, Koon Hung 
2004The influence of management perception of environmental variables on the choice of international transfer-pricing methodsChan, Koon Hung 
2019Institutional environment, political connection and IPO audit quality: Evidence from Hong KongChan, Koon Hung 
1997International transfer pricing for business operations in China: Inducements, regulation and practiceChan, Koon Hung 
1998International transfer pricing in China (1st ed.)Chan, Koon Hung 
2005International transfer pricing in China: Post WTO (2nd ed.)Chan, Koon Hung 
1997Introduction to company accountsChan, Koon Hung 
1997An investigation of market response to earnings announcements: Multinational firms versus domestic firmsChan, Koon Hung 
2020Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR)
2021The Macbeth factor: The dark side of achievement-driving analystsChan, Koon Hung 
2006Managerial autonomy and tax compliance: An empirical study on international transfer pricingChan, Koon Hung 
2007On the association between changes in corporate ownership and changes in auditor quality in a transitional economyChan, Koon Hung 
1998On the pitfall of using intuitive judgment in audit schedulingChan, Koon Hung 
1998Ownership effects on audit-detected error characteristics: An empirical study in an emerging economyChan, Koon Hung 
2006A political-economic analysis of auditor reporting and auditor switchesChan, Koon Hung 
2016Tax avoidance and tunneling: Empirical analysis from an agency perspectiveChan, Koon Hung 
2017Tax collector or tax avoider? An investigation of intergovernmental agency conflictsChan, Koon Hung