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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The use of supervisory authority in Chinese cultural contextTsui, Ming Sum ; Lam, Ching Man 
2019Utilisation patterns of home care services of long-term care programmes and primary caregivers’ workload in TaiwanTsui, Ming Sum 
1996Values and knowledge: Critical issues in the development of social work education in ChinaTsui, Ming Sum 
2008A virtual learning environment for part-time MASW students: An evaluation of the WebCTTsui, Ming Sum 
2002A wake-up call to the social work professionTsui, Ming Sum 
2020Why is supervision important to professional practice?Tsui, Ming Sum 
2019Working with differences and diversities: From discrimination to dignity (Editorial)Tsui, Ming Sum 
2017Youth unemployment: Implications for social work practiceTsui, Ming Sum ; Lam, Ching Man 
1987中學生對本地黃色雜誌態度調查報告書(一九八七)Tsui, Ming Sum 
1997中西福利國家觀念異同探討Tsui, Ming Sum 
2014人情文化下的求助歷程與策略初探:以經濟弱勢家戶為例Tsui, Ming Sum ; Pak, Michael Chui Man 
2014作為道德和政治實踐的社會工作Tsui, Ming Sum ; Chu, Chi Keung 
1988兒童德育 : 從理念到實踐(初版)Tsui, Ming Sum 
1992兒童德育 : 從理念到實踐(第 2 版)Tsui, Ming Sum 
1991全港公民教育推廣之硏究Tsui, Ming Sum 
1987公屋居民公民意識調查研究報告Tsui, Ming Sum 
1989公民教育活動錦囊Tsui, Ming Sum 
1996公民教育活動錦囊(增訂版)Tsui, Ming Sum 
1989初為人父Tsui, Ming Sum 
2006北美社會工作的三個爭論及其對中國社會工作專業發展的啟示Tsui, Ming Sum