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2012Capturing the dispersion of expected incidents when estimating the Standardised Incidence RatioLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2018Contemporary driving factors of urban population growth in the Global South, the Global North, and ChinaLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2021The effect of household composition on the gender-wage gap of migrant workers in China under the household registration systemLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2013Estimating the cost of improving hospital performance using quality measures with statistical errorLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2021Exploring the relationship between National eHealth development and Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions using the WHO Global eHealth SurveysLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2015Hospital diagnostic aggregation and risk-adjusted qualityLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2014Hospital quality measure specification and their estimated relationship with hospital costLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2017Megacities, the world's largest cities unleashed: Major trends and dynamics in contemporary global urban developmentLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2015On the hospital volume and outcome relationship: Does specialization matter more than volume?Li, Kris Chun Lok 
2016Personality, learning styles, learning motivation, and academic performance: A study of Macau business undergraduates in a microeconomics courseLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2018The rise of international financial centres in bank-based and market-based financial systemsLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2012The significance of finer disease aggregation during the patient risk-adjustment stage of estimating hospital output qualityLi, Kris Chun Lok 
2016Trade policy and long-term economic development: Historical evidence from Australia‚Äôs colonies in 19th centuryLi, Kris Chun Lok