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2014AR interior designer: Automatic furniture arrangement using spatial and functional relationshipsTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2015A bandwidth saving mobile application for e-learningTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2015A big data framework for early identification of dropout students in MOOCTang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Xie, Haoran ; Wong, Tak Lam 
2015Design and implementation of a teacher-guided semi-automatic assessment feedback generatorHo, Wai Shing ; Pang, Raymond Wai Man ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2015The development of a final year project management system for information technology programmesHo, Wai Shing ; Pang, Raymond Wai Man ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2015Emerging human-toy interaction techniques with augmented and mixed realityTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2016Enterprise content management system for IT trainingTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2016Exploring the use of social media to advance K12 science educationTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2015The impacts on learning via social media: A study on post-secondary students in Hong KongTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2012Interaction retrieval by spacetime proximity graphsTang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Chan, Jacky Chun Pong 
2017IntroductionTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2016Learning to create 3D models via an augmented reality smartphone interfaceTang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2018Promoting self-regulated learning by online educational resourcesWang, Philips Fu Lee ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Kong, Anthony Pui Keung ; Kwan, Reggie Ching Ping ; Xie, Haoran ; Wong, Tak Lam 
2013Synthesizing two-character interactions by merging captured interaction samples with their spacetime relationshipsChan, Jacky Chun Pong ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2016VR-MMA: A virtual reality motion and muscle sensing action game for personal sportTang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Kong, Anthony Pui Keung ; Pang, Raymond Wai Man 
2015A web-based computer-aided assessment creation and invigilation systemHo, Wai Shing ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai ; Pang, Raymond Wai Man