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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A 3D content cloud: Sharing, trading and customizing 3D print-ready objectsPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2019Bas-relief modeling from normal layersPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2015Bi-normal filtering for mesh denoisingPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2018Centerline extraction of vasculature meshPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2014Classification of motor imagery tasks using phase synchronization analysis of EEG based on multivariate empirical mode decompositionPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2016A clustering-based automatic transfer function design for volume visualizationPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2017Collaborative 3D accessories customization and trading through web interfacePang, Raymond Wai Man 
2015Design and implementation of a teacher-guided semi-automatic assessment feedback generatorHo, Wai Shing ; Pang, Raymond Wai Man ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2015The development of a final year project management system for information technology programmesHo, Wai Shing ; Pang, Raymond Wai Man ; Tang, Jeff Kai Tai 
2016Discrimination of motor imagery tasks via information flow pattern of brain connectivityPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2013Effect of packet loss on collaborative haptic interactions in networked virtual environments: An experimental studyPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2014Effective user training for motor imagery based brain computer interface with object-directed 3D visual displayPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2014Enabling 3D online shopping with affordable depth scanned modelsPang, Raymond Wai Man ; Poon, Geoffrey 
2016Enhancing training performance for brain-computer interface with object-directed 3D visual guidancePang, Raymond Wai Man 
2016Fast Gabor texture feature extraction with separable filters using GPUPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2012Fast rendering of diffusion curves with trianglesPang, Raymond Wai Man 
2018Food consumption tracker with health advises by food photos and labelsPang, Raymond Wai Man ; Poon, Geoffrey 
2016Improving the discrimination of hand motor imagery via virtual reality based visual guidancePang, Raymond Wai Man 
2017A memory-friendly multi-modal emotion analysis for smart toyPoon, Geoffrey ; Pang, Raymond Wai Man 
2017A mobile adviser of healthy eating by reading ingredient labelsPang, Raymond Wai Man ; Kwan, Kin Chung