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2015Analysis of student behaviors in using WeChat / WhatsApp for language learning at diploma level in Hong Kong: A pilot testChu, David Wai Kee ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung ; Lai, Ivan Ka Wai ; Lam, Paul Wai Ming 
2015An attempt to a reconstruction of HSK Chinese-English dictionary: A search for self-study of Mandarin ChineseTsoi, Jette Ching Hin ; Chow, John Chiu Tuen ; Chu, David Wai Kee 
2016The importance of online dictionaries in language learning: A case study on third language acquisition of GermanChu, David Wai Kee ; Ng, Steven Kwan Keung ; Lai, Ivan Ka Wai 
2017A preliminary analysis of the perceptions of learning experiences in the student population from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds: A case study on a post-secondary college in Hong KongChow, John Chiu Tuen ; Chu, David Wai Kee ; Tsoi, Jette Ching Hin 
25-Oct-2017明師語趣:It:變化萬千 真身不定Chu, David Wai Kee 
24-May-2017明師語趣:「英文名」非全来自英文Chu, David Wai Kee 
29-May-2015明師語趣:主動變被動 關鍵be放哪Chu, David Wai Kee 
9-Mar-2016明師語趣:句號另類「完結」Chu, David Wai Kee 
18-Apr-2018明師語趣:單詞加入成分 詞性詞義皆變Chu, David Wai Kee 
21-Sep-2016明師語趣:時態不可盲用Chu, David Wai Kee 
8-Feb-2017明師語趣:書面語不只文法Chu, David Wai Kee 
1-Jun-2016明師語趣:歐洲英語地名尋源Chu, David Wai Kee