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2022Academic stress of social work students in their first placement during COVID-19Chu, Cheong Hay 
2019Assessing the attitude and behaviour of social work students towards social justiceChu, Cheong Hay ; Lam, Chiu Wan ; Yeung, Leo Yee Yu 
2023Emerging ethical voices in social workTsui, Ming Sum ; Chu, Cheong Hay 
2015The emotional stress of students in placementChu, Cheong Hay 
2017Facilitating students to be self-initiative in fieldwork learningChu, Cheong Hay 
2018From economic to social capital: Engaging residents through space and environmentChu, Cheong Hay 
2021Gambling behavior among Hong Kong college and university studentsChu, Cheong Hay ; So, Ernest Moon Tong 
2016Maximizing learning in fieldwork - A qualitative study of the experience of year one social work studentsChu, Cheong Hay 
2018More than employability: An experience from running an employment enhancement projectChu, Cheong Hay 
2018Report on the evaluation study on the Chinese Herbal MedicineChu, Cheong Hay 
2023Retirement protection on one's own: Retirement readiness and worries among middle-income earners in Hong KongNg, Felix Sai Kit ; Lau, Michael Sik Wai ; Chu, Cheong Hay ; Luk, Yiu Tung ; Lee, Felix Ping Hei ; Wong, Yu Cheung 
2014「嚴重殘疾人士家居照顧服務」先導計劃照顧者之生活質素及服務需要調查Chu, Cheong Hay ; Ng, Anna Hoi Nga ; Lai, Kin Kwok ; Chan, Janice Lai Yung ; Chan, Timothy Wing Leung 
2021建立澳門社工專業資格認可考試之探索性研究報告Wong, Yu Cheung ; Chu, Cheong Hay ; Lam, Ching Man ; Cheung, Ada Pui Ling ; Lee, Felix Ping Hei ; Li, Katrina Ka Yan