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2015Depth cue combinations for density judgment in three-dimensional displayAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2016The effect of a self-management program on the quality-of-life of community-dwelling older adults with chronic musculoskeletal knee pain: A pilot randomized controlled trialAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2018The effect of sexual arousal and emotional arousal on cognitive performanceAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2019The effect of sexual arousal and emotional arousal on working memoryAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2018The effects of physical appearance, concern, and appraisal information on consumer’s emotion toward productsAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2015Functional outcomes of burn patients with or without rehabilitation in Mainland ChinaAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2019The influence of resilience and coping strategies on suicidal ideation among Chinese undergraduate freshmen in Hong KongAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong ; Chan, Ayu Chui Yi 
2016Predictors of functional independence, quality of life, and return to work in patients with burn injuries in mainland ChinaAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2017Robotic approaches for the rehabilitation of upper limb recovery after stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysisAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2020The role of attention level in the attentional boost effectAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2017A systematic review on the effect of mechanical stretch on hypertrophic scars after burn injuriesAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong 
2020Unmet need for belonging and loneliness in determining life satisfaction of mainland Chinese new immigrants in Hong KongAu, Ricky Kwok Cheong